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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Name Dropping
By, Mic Fiend (reprinted with permission from an email blast he sent out last week)

If you are trying to build a relationship with someone, the first words expressed should not be “ Yo I F*&k with So, and So” That tells me two things 1 you probably don’t, and 2 you don’t have any real business with me. The reason I say this is because name dropping make you look like a Dick Rider. I mean you are basically asking someone to do business with you off the strength of another man. So you use their grind to further your career instead of building real relationships. Another reason…. is say; you drop a name like Oh Ray J. Well I really don’t care if you did a track with Ray J, and say you drop a name of a dude who is shady with business, or a all out snake. You think I’m really going to do business with you after naming his name? So here you are looking like Boo Boo the fool cause you dick rode a slimy dude that no one does business with. Now i'm begininng to think you just enjoy Dick Riding.

Here’s something else…Say you drop a name, and I happen to actually know that person. Of course I’m going to inquire about them knowing you, or if ya’ll even spoke. They tell me no, now I gotta send you a email calling you all types of fake ass rapper, and of course your name will end up in my journals as someone to slap in the face on sight. If you notice I don’t drop names. I’ve got a lot of people enjoying my stuff, and my work with promotion. There is no need to impress anybody. Stop trying to impress us, and show us your value. Your name dropping tells us nothing except that we need to be messing with whosever name you just dropped.

There are times that name dropping is cool… Like if you’re in a conversation, and the person asks who you have done business with, or if they mention someone that you know. Things like that add value. That lets them know you are connecting with the right people. Hell you can even look on their MySpace see who their friends are, and contact them in order to build a network around the person you are trying to reach. Just please stop acting like you are connected with all these people when you’re not. Believe me they know. If you have to name drop use mine…Tell them you did business with me…lol It could work for you or it could not….

Next best thing Since Myspace!!

The Mic Fiend


Blogger Thirtyseven said...

Amen. I've always been baffled by kids listing all the artists they opened for, as if that means anything. Could just indicate your older brother owns the club. Could just indicate there is literally nobody else in your shithole town to open up for national hip hop acts that come through.

If your music doesn't impress, your list of shows probably won't save you.

10:12 PM  
Blogger oc said...

I notice how people respond to my page by all the people I don't know on my page, but it's great to actually network with the friends I do have....thanks to Ozone and Wendy Day.

1:05 PM  

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