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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here is pt. 1 "Know Your Boundaries"

Its time for a change and I would like to be a frontrunner for that
change. I know that I am a pretty savvy person when it comes to business,
but you know what...Why do people only look at someone for what they can
do for them vs. what can we do to create/change "The Business"
environment. Why do we as men (not all of us), allow women to come into
our lives and cloud our vision and why do women (not all of them) totally
disrespect the next womans household, just in an effort to "come up?"

I mean, here's the deal and I didnt see it until my wife pointed it out to
me. She said "these lil groupies (yes you do have them), they don't care
about you, they only care about what they can get from you and how far it
will help them in their career." I didn't believe it, see, men, women
know us better than we know ourselves at times. They know that if they
look halfway decent and flirt a little that they can get almost anything
from us and in most cases, it works. Why do you think women only go to
the club w/ $10? Its because they know that they will get someone to buy
them a drink.

So here's where it changes and a new beginning begins. If you wanna do
business, then cool, do business. There's no need to flirt or throw
yourself at someone (male or female) to do business. There is no need to
call anyone at 3am to discuss business, it just dont work like that
anymore. Send an e-mail if you're up that late...

Yeah, many of you probably think the same, but just havent said it or
heard anyone else say it. I mean when you think about it...Fellas, how
many times have you been out and seen the looks that girls get in their
eyes when they see someone that "everyone" makes it a point to talk to?
Fellas, we hear women when they say "such and such is ok, but shit he got
money, so I will be alright"? We've heard that plenty of times...and
ladies, how many times have you had a man totally disrespect you just
because he had his ear a lil wet by some gal?

So there you have it...pt. 1 of The Business...Make & Be A Difference!

Thank You,
Janiro Hawkins II
VP/Event Coordinator

"Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world,
then it can only happen through music." - Jimi Hendrix


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