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Monday, July 07, 2008

Reprinted from The Mic Fiend's email from the end of April....

Mind Of A Lunatic

So i'm on the phone with the manager of an up coming artist that is
getting alittle buzz, and i tell him we are supporting the up coming and
we putting together a little project series that he could benifit from.
So he asks me whose on it? I name some names, and he says he doesn't
know them, and says let him know if anybody big jumps on.

What the Fuck you mean let you know if anyone big jumps on? This is
for the up coming right. So i say well aren't you up coming, and he
replies that he got a buzz, and a joint with Jim Jones.

People what are we doing? Are we too big to support the up coming
artists of the world? Are you too big to support your peers in the
world of hiphop. You'll pay 5,000 for a fucking sorry ass Jim Jones
Verse, but you won't rock with ya own people. I say ya own people cause
as much as you dudes, and dudets want to be; your not apart of the upper
level of hiphop artists. just because ya mans knows somebody that can
get a feature does not make you in there. When you in the circle? as i
like to call it. Shit is free. Jim drops a verse for free, and collect
royalties. You need to learn their is a whole other level to this
Your peers are those coming in the game now. Some may be ahead of
you, but ya'll are peers. This is your era, this is your movement.

If you don't support one another, who the hell else is? You gonna
keep sending in bullshit ass demos, or paying for your fucking myspace
plays, and hits, then pay a dj to get on your sorry ass mixtape, and
think you holding it down for yourself. Why don't you link up with
other artists, network, see who making fire beats for free, see who
putting a project together and get on a collab, you never know who might
hear it. Cross promote some shit. go half on a damn flyer or
something. Share contacts. This is what's it's about. If you think
your team is strong enough to make it happen without reaching out to
other artists you killing your career. If someone got a show, you can
easily holla and perhaps get on the show with them. No you pay some
fuck ass promoter 500 to put you on for 3 minutes, and you don't even
get VIP. This is why we don't advance...Instead of supporting we

Well keep with the hatin if you want, and you'll forever be on my
mixtapes Unsigned Without A Cosign..........

To those of you that are doing big things and still reach out to the
up coming, and show support thank you....You know who you are...

The Mic Fiend

The Mic Fiend
Mic Fiend Promotions


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Dam that shit is real..


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