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Friday, September 29, 2006

I jacked this from Paul Porter over at Industry Ears dot com. Thank you, Paul:

A while back, I posted a lengthy gripe about how poor a job
SoundExchange was doing in finding artists for whom they have
collected royalties. I also told how they needed a non-disclosure
agreement from me before they would give me the list of names of those
accounts. Of course, the NDA would have prevented me from telling
anyone they were on the list, so that effort to locate people ended

I was told that they were keeping them confidential to keep
"middlemen" from getting a share by finding artists who were owed
money. It is far better to keep the artists from getting anything
than to give a percentage to some "middleman."

Well, SoundExchange has finally gone public with the list of "unfound"

There are nearly 9,000 entries on the list, including such obscure
artists as Andre Kostelanetz, Ice Cube, Lauryn Hill, and the
Mississippi Mass Choir, of which there are probably only 1,500 current
members to pick from.

The scope and breadth of the organizational ignorance demonstrated by
the list is profound. If they can't locate Mos Def, you would think
they could find the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Just go to Salt Lake
City and follow the music.

And for those of you who have gone over to the dark side and worked
for labels, there's another remarkable list of copyright holders that
SoundExchange can't find. Someone should tell the folks at Fat Possum
to pick up the phone. Their money is calling.

If you are on the list and do not claim your money before December 15,
all your share of the royalties collected for periods before March 31,
2000 will be forfeited.

Who gets the forfeited money?

Why SoundExchange gets to keep it! The next time John Simson buys you
a drink at a music conference, you can thank Jelly Roll Morton, Neko
Case and NRBQ (and Ronald McDonald, too).

Seriously, please read the lists. If you know anyone on them, let
them know, and let them know about the time limit.

There are a number of deceased artists on the list. If you know the
families, let them know.

Help put this money in the hands of the artists who earned it.

Paul Porter


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