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Friday, July 14, 2006

Are you a producer looking to get your beats in front of the right people?

To succeed in the music business, you have to get your music heard by the right decision-makers, at the exact time they are looking for your type of music.

While we can’t guarantee the right folks will like your beats, we can guarantee that your package will end up on the right desk. We even create a package for you that is professional containing the right things that the labels require, and coming from a reputable person from inside the inner circle in the music business: Wendy Day at Rap Coalition.

Rap Coalition, a 14 year strong, not-for-profit artists’ support organization can get your beat CD in front of key label A&Rs and Vice Presidents, who are the ones making the decisions about which tracks to buy for their artists at their record labels. If you’ve tried sending your music to labels before, you know they get returned to you unopened, or don’t even make it past the mail room because you are not known to the labels yet.

We leverage our relationships to get your music into the hands of these key decision-makers. And more importantly, we help you organize your package to contain the necessary items that these key music industry executives require. We put together a professional package for you, send it to the key decision-makers, and then give you the list (name, address, and phone number) of the folks we sent it to (along with proof of priority mailing) so you can follow up yourself to sell your beats.

Our service is not cheap, but it’s thorough and it is guaranteed.

We professionally manufacture your beats on a Beat CD that is printed and pressed by one of the most prestigious pressing plants in the country. They press CDs for most of the independent labels around the country. Their CDs are top quality and music has never been bootlegged from this company.

We help organize your biography and discography, if you don’t have one that will grab the attention of the music industry. We combine all of this together into a presentable, professional package that will be kept by key industry executives making the decision on which tracks to buy for their artists. We reach all of the key decision-makers in urban music (rap, R&B, and reggae, and reggaeton) with your professional package.

We then send ten copies of your package to you in case you need to send additional copies out. Along with this, we supply you with the list of who the packages were sent to, and the proof of delivery by priority carrier.

Your package will stand out when received by these top industry insiders. The return address will be from our office—Wendy Day from Rap Coalition, who has done some of the top deals in urban music. She has played a part in securing the record deals and/or negotiating the deals for Master P’s No Limit Records, Eminem, Twista, Cash Money Records, David Banner, Trick-Trick, etc. She has played a part in the lives and careers of Ras Kass, Do Or Die, the Ruff Ryders, Tupac Shakur, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Killer Mike, C-Murder, Slick Rick, Fiend, Pimp C, Beats By The Pound, Lil Webbie, and many others…

When labels receive packages from her, they take them very seriously because they usually mean more money and success for the record labels and the artists.

We guarantee that the package we help create for you will arrive at the proper addresses of the key A&R people in the music business, and even supply proof of delivery. We can’t force them to buy your beats or return your calls, but we can assure you that they received your beat CDs and information.

What you will need to supply:
• 80 minutes of beat snippets (20 seconds per beat is ideal)
• a list of tracks you have sold, if any
• a biography or information about yourself
• a photo, if you’d like (this is not necessary)
• any information that makes you stand out from all of the other producers
• a certified check or money order for $2,999 payable to “Rap Coalition”
• the will to succeed in the music business

How many beats will you have to sell to make back this expenditure? If you don’t utilize our service, how will you get in front of the right people and be taken seriously?

Please call 917.501.6100 today!


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