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Monday, September 14, 2009


It's been a while since we last spoke. I think about you all the time. What you're doing, where you're at, and if you're happy now. You don't need to apologize for your absence from us. You were right to leave. We took advantage of you, and didn't even pay you proper respect. We took it upon ourselves to try and fix you, but the fact was you weren't even broken. Since you have been gone we have had many attempts to imitate you. Some have worked, but most have failed.

Majority of the world is waiting for your return where others are capitalizing on your departure. The new wave of music is consumed with money. They will sing Jimmy Crack Corn in order to make a buck. No morales or integrity in the industry anymore. No more making a good album just a catchy song. No more selling platinum or gold. Only selling ring tones and singles; I really can't remember the last album I bought. Well now BP3, The radio has brain washed us into thinking that they break records…Artists send out endless music for free but It's illegal to download. The Mixtape isn't an occasion it just clogs my inbox. Gone are the days of DJ Clue, DJ Whoo Kid, P-Cutta, DJ Drama, & K-Slay Mixtapes that you couldn't wait to come out. Now you just visit a blog site, and scroll through. Everyone is too scared to hear something new so they just download the same artists, and throw them in their mixes. Same songs on the radio, same songs in the club; everyone is a record breaker, without actually breaking a record. I don't blame them though. We have lost guidance and understanding of what it truly means to be successful. There is a preconceived notion that success is measured by your bank account. Success is different for a lot of people we in music have become shallow. We no longer do it because It's an art. We no longer make music to express…we make music for money, which is weird, because I thought we sold music for money.

We have strayed away from loyalty, instead we turn our backs on our closest friends, we pretend to be someone else, because who we are isn't good enough, and we disassociate where we are from, and forget the people that have gotten us here. We took a once community culture and made it a solo act. We let money, and status change us, and what we stand for. So even though my heart hurts for your return HIPHOP…I understand. You saw it coming long before we did and tried to warn us. We didn't listen…Just know you still have fans waiting for your arrival.......Until we meet again…………………

Yours Truly

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