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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lil Wayne came out 35 weeks ago and is at 3 million CDs sold

T.I. came out 19 weeks ago and is at 1.6 million CDs sold

Kanye West came out 11 weeks ago and is at 1.3 million CDs sold

Plies came out 8 weeks ago and is at 255,299 CDs sold

Ludacris came out 11 weeks ago and is at 542,441 CDs sold

Notorious Soundtrack came out 4 weeks ago and is at 98,202 CDs sold

Young Jeezy came out 23 weeks ago and is at 765,503 CDs sold

Souljah Boy came out 8 weeks ago and is at 125,892 CDs sold

Game came out 24 weeks ago and is at 670,535 CDs sold

Common came out 9 weeks ago and is at 200,234 CDs sold

Scarface came out 10 weeks ago and is at 104,841 CDs sold

E-40 came out 10 weeks ago and is at 83,557 CDs sold

DJ Drama came out 8 weeks ago and is at 41,545 CDs sold

I was looking at the February 8th SoundScan--more analyzing than looking, and in the Top 200 album sales for the week, there are only 13 rap releases that even made the weekly sales chart. Thirteen. Am I alone in remembering when the first 13 releases listed on the Top 200 were all rap CDs?

If you look at the rap artists who’ve sold the most CDs, they are the ones whose teams and labels crossed them over into the pop realm: TI, Lil Wayne, and Kanye. They are also the artists who stay in front of their fans.

I recall when Ludacris, Souljah Boy, Jeezy, and Plies were considered more mainstream than not. What happened on their most recent releases?

Souljah Boy proved to be more of a gimmick than talent, as the fans tried to tell us (we didn’t listen).

Common, E-40, and Scarface have to be in their late thirties or older, so the average rap fan (14-21) is looking at them at around the same age as their parents…

The rap purists cry foul at the content of today’s rap music…yet it doesn’t seem they supported Common with only 200k sold. If they want “more intelligent” rap as they cry on blogs and in coffee shops, why didn’t they vote for the intelligent rapper with their dollars? If Common went platinum, there would be a slew of intelligent rappers coming out next year, I promise you that.

We better make a move soon, or there will be no more rap sales to analyze.


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