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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I just shared this information with a producer looking for a mentor, and thought it may help others looking for information, help, and support in growing your career. He's a bit frustrated at how hard it is to find someone willing to mentor (teach and guide) him:

It is hard to find people willing to take time to teach because this is a business, not a school. Truth is, no one has to help anyone--it's just the right thing to do. Keep searching, and you will find folks willing to teach and help you. The more you have going on yourself and the bigger your buzz, the easier it will be to find mentors. People want to help people who are helping themselves already.

I think I am one of the most giving people around, and even I, have to see a lot of movement with someone to help them. Drumma Boy is a great example. I have known him 6 years and last year was really the first year I felt I could help him because he needed to be at a certain point for me to help him. You may be like a Drumma Boy in his first or second year...perseverance is key.

I think the best example is to make an analogy to a 24 kilometer run. It's a long distance race. There will be people who will coach you as you train, people to coach you when you leave the starting line, people to coach you along the way, people to coach you as you get tired, and people to coach you right before you cross the finish line. Each coach has value along the way because of what they excel at. My experience has me right before the finish line. Some people say, "oh sure, right before the kid finishes the race..." But truth is, that's the most difficult part. You're already tired, you're in the final stretch, and that's where the bulk of the snakes are. That is actually where you need the coaching most. Whatever stretch you are along the way, you will find the people you need when you are ready. It's a little bit woo-woo, but try reading The Secret, and Jack Canfield's Success Principles. They will help prepare you and explain to you how to proceed best on your journey. It's worth it.

I can't explain how or why it happens, but the people you need will present themselves along the way. It's an amazing thing. I am living proof that it works. Oh, and when you succeed? Turn around and help those coming up behind you without asking for anything in return. It's the right thing to do...